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SAROK, jung.
graphic + object designer.

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instagram @sa.rok.sarok
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29cm CAVA

+ Publishing Book
2020/ design agility + QQ

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2021/ Odd to Even(Book)
2020/ Not Only But Also 67890(Exhibition)
2019, 2020/ QQ(Workshop, Book)

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2019~/ studying MFA at UOS, KR
2009~2014/ BFA in Visual Communications design,
BFA in Metal art & design, Hongik Univ., KR

+ Exhibition
2020/ Not Only But Also 67890, 17717, Seoul.
2020/ Infection and Immunity, Doosung Paper Gallery, Seoul
2020/ 100 films 100 posters, Jeonju Film Festival
2020/ Spring Show.
2019/ 19.8348m² Fantasia, Space Jigutone, Seoul
2019/ Future Design Workshop: The Evolution of the Hand, RyseHotel, Seoul
2019/ 100 films 100 posters, Jeonju Film Festival, Jeonju
2015/ 100 films 100 posters, Jeonju Film Festival, Jeonju
2013/ Visual Communication Graduation show, Hongik Univ., Seoul
2012/ Metal art & design Graduation show, Hongik Univ., Seoul
2012/ Wow Art Jewelry Proposal, Hongik Univ., Seoul
2011/ Hongik Univ. & Osaka Univ of art Exhibition, Osaka

+ Book Fair
2020/ 사록sarok, Unlimited Edition 12, Seoul Artbook Fair 2020, Online Exhibition.
2019/ HRR, Unlimited Edition 11, Seoul Artbook Fair 2019, SeMa, Seoul

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2020/ Monthly Design, December, KR
2020/ GRAPHIC #46 ‘studio directory’ 사록sarok, KR

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2014~2018/ design studio(Kerb Associates & Noondesign), KR

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Cat’s Melody
Midsummer Madness
Still Life
Design Agility + QQ

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odotoo workshop
The Metal Cube
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jo kim lecture
Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, 100 Films 100 Posters

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Hansol 24
Gwangju Folly III
Shinhan Dodream Space

Seoul Cinematheque Competition
KIA Architecture Awards

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Walking Town Discovering Architecture
Korean Space Guide
Record is stronger than Memory

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BA Architects
Space Salim Competition
Earth Cafe

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Little Big Pictures
Doosung Books
Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, 100 Films 100 Posters

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DCA Festival

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Korean Food Dictionery

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A book made of images using various materials that borrowed surfaces from metals.EarRing is a book that combines the results of re-deploying the metal surface with a metal processing material (metal+α). Metal is a material that is in the limelight in many areas because of its visual properties of gloss and glitter. Metal may also be used in a thin strip of shape and powder mixed with other materials (α, paper, grass, paint tape, etc.).
In order to reconstruct the surface of metal, jewelry, the object of which the polishing of the metal, was the best exposed, was chosen, among which earring was taken as the basis. The shape drawn in ‘metal + α’ maintains the luster of the metal, and different types of earrings are drawn depending on the nature of ‘α’ (tools, materials).
1. Materials, gather metal materials and
2. Explore tools + materials, tools and expressions according to the properties of non-metallic materials.
3. Shapes, find unexpected forms by using multiple materials.

EarRing은 금속을 가공한 재료(금속+α)로 금속의 표면을 재구현한 결과를 엮은 책이다. 금속은 시각적 특성인 광택, 반짝임 때문에 여러 분야에서 각광받는 재료이다. 금속을 얇게 편 형태를 잘게 자르고 가루를 내어 다른 재료(α, 종이 풀 물감 테이프 등)와 혼합하여 사용하기도 한다.
금속의 표면을 재구현하기 위해 금속의 광택이 가장 잘 드러난 대상인 장신구를 선택했고, 그 중 귀걸이를 기준으로 삼았다. ‘금속 + α‘으로 그린 형태는 금속의 광택은 유지하며 ‘α(도구, 재료)’의 성질에 따라 귀걸이의 형태를 각각 다르게 그려냈다.
1.  Materials, 금속을 가공한 여러 재료를 모아보고
2. Tools + Materials, 도구와 금속 외 재료의 특성에 따른 표현방식을 탐구하며
3. Shapes, 여러 재료를 사용함으로써 예상치 못했던 형태를 발견한다.

ㅡ Book ㅡ Indigo Print, 130x180 mm
Computer Graphic, Paper, Film, Drawing Tools That Borrow The Surface of Metal.
ㅡ 2019