Odd to Even 4
『Odd to Even 4호, 단계들』 홍보 이미지
『Odd to Even vol.4, Steps』 Promotion Image design

2022, SNS

Sounds ON @sa.rok.sarok
Instagram @odd.to.even.info  

Odd to Even 4『Odd to Even 4호, 단계들』 디자인
『Odd to Even vol.4, Steps』 editorial design

210 x 297 mm, offset print, 24p 2022, Book

Instagram @odd.to.even.info
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장서영 개인전 포스터 디자인
SEO YOUNG CHANG Solo Exhibition Poster Design

1080 x 1350 px

2022, Poster, SNS

까악까악- 훠어이- 쨍!
Caw caw- shooo- ping!
장효주 개인전 포스터 디자인
Jang Hyojoo Solo Exhibition Poster Design

594 x 841 mm
2022, Poster

한국타이포그라피학회 22 SNS 이미지 
23 SNS Promotional image of the Korean Society of typography
한국타이포그라피학회 22 홍보 이미지 디자인
Instagram @koreansocietyoftypography

2022, SNS