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SAROK, jung.
graphic + object designer.

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instagram @sa.rok.sarok
+82 10 8538 8904

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29cm CAVA

+ Publishing Book
2020/ design agility + QQ

+ Conceived and Executed Project
2021/ Odd to Even(Book)
2020/ Not Only But Also 67890(Exhibition)
2019, 2020/ QQ(Workshop, Book)

+ Education
2019~/ studying MFA at UOS, KR
2009~2014/ BFA in Visual Communications design,
BFA in Metal art & design, Hongik Univ., KR

+ Exhibition
2020/ Not Only But Also 67890, 17717, Seoul.
2020/ Infection and Immunity, Doosung Paper Gallery, Seoul
2020/ 100 films 100 posters, Jeonju Film Festival
2020/ Spring Show.
2019/ 19.8348m² Fantasia, Space Jigutone, Seoul
2019/ Future Design Workshop: The Evolution of the Hand, RyseHotel, Seoul
2019/ 100 films 100 posters, Jeonju Film Festival, Jeonju
2015/ 100 films 100 posters, Jeonju Film Festival, Jeonju
2013/ Visual Communication Graduation show, Hongik Univ., Seoul
2012/ Metal art & design Graduation show, Hongik Univ., Seoul
2012/ Wow Art Jewelry Proposal, Hongik Univ., Seoul
2011/ Hongik Univ. & Osaka Univ of art Exhibition, Osaka

+ Book Fair
2020/ 사록sarok, Unlimited Edition 12, Seoul Artbook Fair 2020, Online Exhibition.
2019/ HRR, Unlimited Edition 11, Seoul Artbook Fair 2019, SeMa, Seoul

+ Featured
2020/ Monthly Design, December, KR
2020/ GRAPHIC #46 ‘studio directory’ 사록sarok, KR

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2014~2018/ design studio(Kerb Associates & Noondesign), KR

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+ 2020
Cat’s Melody
Midsummer Madness
Still Life
Design Agility + QQ

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odotoo workshop
The Metal Cube
2020 Calendar
Warm up definitely, Maybe.
bizcard for FUN
The conditions of business card
what am I wearing?

jo kim lecture
Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, 100 Films 100 Posters

+ 2018
Hansol 24
Gwangju Folly III
Shinhan Dodream Space

Seoul Cinematheque Competition
KIA Architecture Awards

+ 2017
Walking Town Discovering Architecture
Korean Space Guide
Record is stronger than Memory

+ 2016

BA Architects
Space Salim Competition
Earth Cafe

+ 2015

Little Big Pictures
Doosung Books
Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, 100 Films 100 Posters

+ 2014
DCA Festival

+ 2013
Korean Food Dictionery

+ 2012


Countless chickens in the world "come out of the eggs and notice among the chicken brothers, get up from dawn to eat the feed, and endure a wool that sheds all its hair" to become a good dish. Nevertheless, chicken almost became samgyetang from Mihong's hand, and it was samgyetang, which became an unknown dish. However, just as Mi-hong, who failed the civil service exam, is still a proud chicken (CHICKEN). Let's wait for the right time! A friend of Mi-hong who knows how to make Samgyetang delicious may come to play.

세상의 수많은 닭은 좋은 요리가 되기 위해 '알을 깨고 나와서 닭 형님들 사이에서 눈치 보고, 체격을 키우기 위해 새벽부터 일어나 모이도 쪼아 먹고, 털이 다 벗겨지는 수모'를 견딘다. 그럼에도 불구하고 닭은 미홍의 손에서 삼계탕이 될 뻔하다가 삼계탕스러운 것이었다가, 정체를 알 수 없는 요리가 되었다. 하지만 공무원 시험에서 떨어진 미홍이 여전히 미홍이듯 닭도 여전히 자랑스러운 닭(CHICKEN)이다. 때를 기다리자! 삼계탕을 맛있게 끓일 줄 아는 미홍의 친구가 놀러 올지도 모르니까.

'6평 판타지아'라는 소규모 전시에 참여합니다. 현대인의 애환을 유머러스하게 풀어낸 꽁트 여섯 편과 이를 이미지화 한 포스터를 함께 전시한다고 합니다. 저는 '삼계탕, 과잠대첩, 배달의 민족, 뿌리, 벽, 아기씨저장소' 중 '삼계탕'으로 이미지를 만들어 참여했습니다. 꽁트가 무척 재밌으니 전시에서 확인해보세요 :)

6평 판타지아

2019년 11월 10일(일) ~ 11월 16일(토)
공간지구톤 (서울 마포구 만리재로 85 지하)

ㅡ Poster design, 포스터 디자인. ㅡ 594x841 mm, 2019